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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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experience. it is 4:30 on this wednesday. it is hump day, august 31, we are 2/3 of the way through 2016. >> kim: when you put it that way, then it starts to hit home. we're going to start talking about christmas before you know it. we still have a sweat index to talk about. kim and dana here on this wednesday morning. let's check in weather center with what to expect today. >> dana: i saw halloween stuff at costco yesterday. >> kelly: this is the greatest >> kim: we are expecting dry conditions today in las vegas. the moisture is increasing so maybe a frizz factor going on for us today. 100 by noon.
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in the region today. we're going to talk about where and how long those are going to last coming up. >> kim: we'll see you in 10 minutes kelly. right now we focus on decision 2016. we opened up the broadcast with dana mentioned donald trump has a surprise visit today. tracy potts has a roundup of what to expect. >> he is going to lead an adst illegal immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today. trump has 3% support in mexico's latest poll.
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what trump says here, whether he'll deport 11 million immigrants. >> all we know is something strange going on. >> clinton's running mate is going after trump's ties with russia. >> don't you think the american voters deserve at least to get to the bottom of why trump's relationship is russia is cozy. >> democrats are asking the house to investigate. >> john mccain and marco rubio won their primaries in arizona and florida. >> dana: termination charges have been filed for five chicago police officers involved in the mcdonald shooting. the five officers including the
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charges as the case moves to the chicago police board. prosecutors charged van dike with first degree murder. charges follow a report from the inspector general's office recommending 10 officers in the case be fired for giving false statements during the investigation. of those 10 four have since retired. mcdonald was shot 16 times by van dike two years ago. im focuses on chris brown. check out the scene in front of his home yesterday. you are going to see scenes from inside. he has bailed out of jail. it happened late last night. court records indicate he paid $250,000 to get out of jail. a little more than 24 hours ago a woman called 911 from brown's home saying he pulled a gun on
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tells police they have to get a search warrant to come into his home. that kicked off a 14 hour standoff. the singer finally comes out yesterday and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. as he was inside he was posting rants on instagram. you saw a portion of that rant when we opened up the broadcast. police getting that warrant, spending several hours searching the singers he. that he was at the home during the search. >> barricaded myself in my house. have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in a palace. i'm not coming out, for what? black lives matter. the worst gang in the world, the police and i said it. when you get the warranted, you are going to walk right up in here and you are going to see
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>> kim: that was more of the fran chris brown. like i indicated going into that piece of sound his celebrity attorney was in the home during the search. >> dana: an out burst in a local courtroom yesterday afternoon as an accused murderer called prosecutors [indiscernible] that is accused murderer michael solid. he's cued of killing a 15-year-old boy over an ipad getting up in the courtroom yesterday telling prosecutors they are liars.
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the out burst. she briefly recessed the proceedings and said if that happens again, we will take action against you up to and including taping your mouth shut. we know the case is in the hands of the jurors right now. we could get a verdict as early as today. >> kim: somebody out there in the audience ended up saying the baby was in the car and that was information that was never introduced dur child in the car during this time period. so the judge not happy with any of the out burst yesterday in court. evidence agoutis saw on your screen. let'sing focus on criminals here in town. if these people would only put so much effort into a real job, they would be a tremendous success. they are getting more clever. takes us to a neighborhood where
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getting the garage door opener and doing that within six seconds. >> complete violation of our privacy, puts my family at risk and i'm glad it didn't go further than it d. i'm glad they didn't go into the house. >> kim: that's because he was heads up enough to have the door going into the home locked. that is something we can all learn from this morning l. your car is in the lock that door that goes into your home. the criminals got away with just some control that was stored out there. they tried to steal the car but apparently that didn't work. >> dana: we're talking about a number of tropical systems. we have two hurricanes to talk about impacting the united states. we have a tropical depression as well. that's what one of the hurricanes looks like from space.
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>> kim: we are hearing from gabby douglas. she missed the vma's. she has a good reason behind it.
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>> dana: dramatic video showing this pileup and showing the rescue from some strangers rushing to this burning vehicle and now they are talking about why they did it. >> got the fire extinguisher and ran back up as we tried to get the window open. we couldn't get the window open
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>> we all agree we are not heroes in this. we did what we needed to do and did it. >> you wonder what would you do in a situation like that. would you rush toward flames to help somebody trapped until the car. most would agree they are heroes for doing that. >> kim: a news photographer and reporter heading to one story when another one falls in their lap. >> you normally cover stories like this and never be part of a story. >> a woman in a burning car and she's 7 months pregnant. how they jumped to action is
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>> dana: trump supporters are getting mad their signs are being stolen so now they are getting even. jeanie most shows us how coming up. and in north carolina not far from where the wright brothers made their first flight, tropical depression eight is move away from the coast but nine in the gulf of mexico is expected to move through florida
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>> kim: people have started making preparations filling sandbags to keep back the floodwaters if they are on their way. concerns that zika could increase if they have a bunch of standing water as a result of these storms.
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one storm is 345 miles west of key west with sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. they say the wind sheer is preventing it from being upgraded at this point. heavy rains expected to start to could fall within the tampa bay area. >> dana: when pools are green like that, that's not good. that's breeding grounds for mosquitoes. two hurricanes could impact the united states. in the pacific ocean in hawaii from space this is what lester looks like. that's the bigger of the two hurricanes. the first one that should make
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the second one behind it is lester. these things have a mind of their own. will it make a direct hit, we don't know. it is a possibility however. these storms in the northern hemisphere, especially at these latitudes generally move from east to west. >> kim: because we wake up so early we were able to hear the live east coast version of the today show and matt was about her mean. >> dana: that is tropical depression nine. fit strengthens which it is expected to do, then it will get a name and that's the next on the list. it's an alphabetical list and they have five separate list for five separate years. that is what is going to happen toll happen if it strengthens.
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yesterday was it pronounced which way. maybe the next h name that gets retired maybe they'll replace it. shire look at what we saw yesterday a few clouds to get the day started. as we set that in motion. that squeaking fractured foot. more clouds expected today along with increasing moisture building in from mexico. a trough moving in and active weather over the next couple of days. here is a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door. henderson coming in at 82 right now.
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we have this trough moving in. today in las vegas dry conditions. a few more clouds. 105 is the expected high today. tonight mostly clear skies looking at a low around 82. tomorrow that is when we're going to see the active weather in the region. chances for showers and thunderstorms. most of the activity will stay east of the las vegas valley and in the breezy conditions developing and lingering through the weekend. mid 90's for the weekend. 94 on labor day. >> dana: the normal high for today is 99. it's with heavy hearts we announce the former first lady of this state has passed away. she was a light in this state for a number of years. she died after a hard fought
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surrounded by her family including her >> kim: speaking of the state of nevada, congressman hardy is back on the job.
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doctors putting stints in his heart after he found a collapsed artery. >> a man being called a hero after pulling a woman from a burning he describes what happened as he tried to bust out a window to get her out. >> looked for something on the
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i heard i'm over here, i'm over here. i ran on the other side. she said i'm 7 and a half months pregnant. she said i'm going to get you out of here. >> looks like the baby are going to be ok. >> kim: the final four on stage sunday night because gabby douglas was in the hospital. she apparently had some complication from a prior injury that caused assist to grow on a bone within her mouth. the problem now is resolved.
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other issue other than that. and she's expected to appear on james corden's late show later this week. i'm thinking maybe she'll be well enough to do a little car pool karaoke. >> dana: happening today jet blue is headed to cuba. the airline begins flights to cuba today making at this time first american airline with regularly scheduled flights to cuba in more than 50 first flight is going to take off from fort lauderdale. no tourist on board but there are a dozen categories of authorized travel to cuba including family visits, journalists visits and educational activities. >> kim: you'll be able to catch a live report on this topic on "the today show" this morning. >> donald trump set to deliver a
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address he's making a last minute stop in mexico to meet with the mexican president. his campaign manager is joining us live to talk about that strategy. also ahead we'll talk to the strangers being called heroes after rescuing a woman trapped inside a burning car. they'll tell us about that scary scene captured on dash cam footage. a u.s. airline begins direct scheduled commercial airline service to communist cuba. this morning we're on the flight. and we'll talk to simon who won gold in rio and a place in the history books two times over. >> kim: before we get to, that we're talking about vandals who continue to steal trump signs. >> dana: trump supporters are not getting mad, they are
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>> michael was in in mood to smile when people kept stealing his trump signs. he put up a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of the thieves. >> i'm choosing trump. stay the hell off my lawn and
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>> you are stealing my donald trump signs. >> yes, we are. >> i chose not to press charges. >> others chose a reward. she couldn't get over it when someone defaced her >> every time they take a sign, the next one gets bigger and better. pretty soon the whole house will be a trump sign. try stealing that you prangsters. >> could be a liberal prangster. i don't know who it is. >> a cute and unlikely pair of friends.
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way. >> dana: he's become buddies with a guinea pig. they love each other. they sleep together and go hiking together. rex has a basket on his
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smores. >> kim: how weather was reported
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>> kim: close call. a woman coming face to face with
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